About eXpert PowerTM

eXpert Power
eXpertPowerTM is an energy technology company specializing in Intelligent Total Energy Management (ITEMTM), offering the first-ever complete solution for energy distribution, utilization, management and control from the substation down to the household. ITEMTM is offered as a service to eXpertPower’sTM customer base of power utility companies and other prominent players in the market.  Power utility companies can now receive on-line information in real-time and use it to optimize their service and energy quality.
The ITEMTM system utilizes advanced data collection and transmission technologies that gather important power usage information from intelligent devices positioned throughout the energy distribution system and various markets. An application service provision (ASP) framework will process the data through a multitude of applications and present the final reports on a Web site that will be easily accessed through any standard browser.
eXpertPower’sTM mission is to provide a low-cost and easy-to-implement solution that provides a complete picture of energy distribution and utilization and revolutionize the electric utility industry.
eXpertPower is a part of Satec, world leader in digital electrical measurement equipment. 
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